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Welcome lushies!

This is a community that is dedicated to the Fresh handmade cosmetics store called LUSH!

Here we can write reiviews on products. What you like about it, what dont you like about it, why others should buy it, why others would like it. Any think you can think of, you can write about!

The rules are simple: Join the community, write about your products, post it, and have fun!

There are no restrictions on this community. You can write about as many products a day. you can be as old as you like, and sex doesnt matter!

The only things i will say is:

1. Only post once a day. We dont want to run out of products to review do we? Although any one can talk about the product as much as they like!
2. Dont fight. People will always disagree, this community is about uniting lovers of lush, and writing about the products! Dont hate some one for having an oppinion.
3. This is not a place to advertice other communities!
4. One again, HAVE FUN!

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