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Today im going to be looking at The 'Honeybee' Bath bomb/balistic,… - Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other

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[May. 27th, 2007|10:05 pm]
Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other


Today im going to be looking at The 'Honeybee' Bath bomb/balistic, and 'Honey i washed the kids' soap.


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I REALLY love the smell and look of this bath bomb. When i saw, and smelled it in the shop, i just had to buy it. Plus, its absolutly HUGE! As the name implys, it smells of honey, and what an amazing smell it is! This is an absolute must for any one with a sweet tooth.

The honey moisturises your skin, and is said to have healing properties *shrugs* i wouldnt know. The 'Rhassoul mud' cleanses and leaves you skin feeling soft and tingly, it also contains aloe vera, which we all know, is amazing for calming skin.

My only complaint is that it contains a yellow dye, which as it fizzes away, gets released. It turns your bath an amazing yellow colour, and the smell lingers. But sadly, so does the dye. You have to rinse your bath after the water is drained, unless you want a line of yellow (and yellow residue on the bottom of your bath) from the water line.

I still love this bomb, and had to buy another!

Out of 5, i will give it 4. Its a great bomb, but sadly the mess can be quite bothersome.

Honey i washed the kids

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100g £2.50

Another for any one with a sweet tooth. I bought this online, and when i read the reviews that others had left, i just had to buy two of them, and i dont regret it.

It smells strongly of honey, and the smell liners on your skin all day! I loved smelling my arms when i am stressed, it was so comforting!

It leaves you feeling clean, and unlike alot of soaps, leaves your skin feeling soft, and NOT dried out.

It has a honey comb like layer on the top (as you can see in the picture) which is covered in real honey, with a bit of soap as well. Its great for scrubbing away dead skin, and polishing your body!

Although i love, and cant fault this soap, the sweet smell might be a bit to much for some people in the morning.

5 out of 5 for me! Leaves you clean and with beautifully soft skin, witch a smell that actually lasts all day!

[User Picture]From: jamesofdoom
2007-05-28 08:04 am (UTC)
I have told a friend on my list girl in winter about your new community. She loves some of the same Lush stuff as you and recently I copied and pasted one of your reviews becasue it was locked and she was keen to hear what you thought.

Look out for Girl in Winter she rocks!

Keep up these brilliant reviews. I think you have found your writing niche.

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[User Picture]From: poke_me_an_die
2007-05-28 08:36 am (UTC)
Oh my, thank you ^_^

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[User Picture]From: girl_in_winter
2007-05-28 09:47 am (UTC)
Hello, as a fellow Lushophile i have joined! My favourite LUSH product is Bathos, I love the purpley parma violet goodness of it.

At themoment I am using:
Gratuitous Violet soap
Silky Underwear body powder
Angel on bare skin cleanser
Imperialis moisturiser
Cynthia stout shampoo
I should coco conditioner

I'd like to pretend I use this much Lush all the time, but I don't. I have just had a birthday though, and my sister sends me 15-20 quids worth of vouchers each birthday and christmas, so this is one of my feast rather than famine periods.

I adore honey I washed the kids soap, it smells like toffee crisp bars.
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[User Picture]From: poke_me_an_die
2007-05-28 11:40 am (UTC)
Thank you for joining!

I use, and love both angels on bare skin, and implerialis moisturiser! I want to try the coconut conditioner as well, because i adore 'Trichomania', the solid coconut shampoo, so i hope you can review that product at some point, hehe!

I would also love to know about 'silky underwear' dusting power. Every one seems to love it, but i havent tried it, so wouldnt know..

Sadly im not a fan of smell of violets, so i wont be trying 'Bathos' any time soon, but i did convince a friend of mine to buy a chunk of 'gratuitous violets'!

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From: catseye03
2007-10-11 12:10 am (UTC)

Lush xmas products

Well guys, Herald square in ny manhatten has all of there xmas products out.So does the uk.In about a week the new solid perfumes will be comming out.The Champagne showers is already out in solid perfume.I just started buying lush in july and I have a very bad addiction.I spend hundreds of dollars a month on there products.Its probably a good thing because my hair has never looked as good as it has and my skin since I have been using there products.I even order once to twice a month from the Uk.It is so expensive.Well anyways, I also found that I love Jasmine henna fluff but it makes my hair way to soft.This will save me a little money at least. LOL!
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