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Today its Blackberry bath bomb, and Imperialis moisturiser.… - Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other

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[May. 31st, 2007|03:10 pm]
Lush product reviews! Post your own, or read other


Today its Blackberry bath bomb, and Imperialis moisturiser.

Blackberry bath bomb

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180gs £2.25

This is one of the oldest bath bombs lush has to offer, and it was also the second one i tried! Its also the bomb with the least ingredients (next to Tisty Tosty).

This bomb smells so sweet and fruity, i just had to buy it. I used it as soon as i got home, and it filled the whole house with its beautifull smell! It turned the bath a wonderfully rich looking purple colour, which i loved. In side of it, there is a peice of paper with 'BOOM BOOM' printed on it, which made me laugh as it floated to the surface.

The first time i used one of these, it was fine.. The second time, it made my skin a little itchy.. I dont know what changed, but i had to get out the bath after about 10 minutes.. Which i was annoyed about..

I'm going to try another one, to see if it makes me itch again, because if it didnt the first time, why would it the second?

I'll give this one a 4 out of 5. Its a simple bath bomb with a wonderfull smell, and colour. The 'suprise' inside gave me a few laughs as well. I'll knock a mark off, because, unlike 'happy pill' which fizzes away for well over 10 minutes, this one lasts less than 2!

Imperialis moisturiser

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45gs £7.00?

Ok, so i just went to the lush website, and this product isnt on there any more.. Strange.. Though alot of there shampoo's have been taken off, and are slowly being put back, so im not sure whats going on.. Maybe its been discontinued? I'll still review it, as even if its been disconed, you should be able to buy it in shopps untill they run out of stock. EDIT! Its back on the website.

Its a strange pink colour, and its smell is strangly medicinal.. But i actually like this moisturiser. Its good for oily skin (which i dont REALLY have) and good for calming skin as well.

Ever since i started using this product (along with angels on bare skin cleanser) friends at college are actually commenting on how clear and smooth my skin looks, and i'll tell you now, that has NEVER happened before!

My skin feels so soft and smooth, and it helps prevent those sudden out breaks of spots that i seem to get. Its also great after shaving to help stop those annoying red lumps that can appear.

It's a light moisturiser, and it doesnt linger on your skin, and make you feel 'coated' in product.

I will give this a 4 out of 5. I sooo want to give it 5, but some people would say that it lacks the wonderfull smell that is expected of lush products. Oh well, if it is discontinued, i'll certainly be getting another pot just so i dont run out!